Musician Interactive art director Designer Culé

at Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam


Cutting papers to use as stencils. Bombing with stickers. Making installations. Calling more than 10 places my home.

Events leading up until today, making me who I am and inspiring to what I do.

At the age of 4 I wanted to become an inventor. I wanted to see others using what I've created.

Inspired by my constantly changing surroundings I tried and failed, tried and succeeded.

I've called myself a street artist. I created stencils, stickers and posters in my childhood room to sneak out at night and decorate the streets and spread my words.

I stopped calling myself a street artist the same day I participated and exhibited street art at the Modern Museum of Arts in Stockholm.

I've studied Graphic Design & Communication (2006-2009), Interaction Design (2011-2012) and am currently a Digital Media Creative student at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

At Hyper Island I'm training in becoming a master of creating effective teams while focusing a lot on digital creativity, creative direction and design.


I'm working as a digital nomad, taking on projects as a creative, an interactive art director and designer. Currently, I'm having an internship at Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam as a creative and interactive art director.

I absolutely love to develop innovative concepts, design content-driven and user-oriented design, design products/services and to play the guitar.

I'm addicted to improvements.

I love music and at the moment I'm listening to by .



Spiral of Life

Interactive art installation done for the "Immersed Illumination"-exhibition hosted together with DM14, MGD13 and DDS13 of Hyper Island at Tvålpalatset, Stockholm.

More about this project is coming soon


Discover music around you and brand your business with music.

More about this project is coming soon


  • Education
  • Hyper Island
  • Interaction Design
  • Graphic Design & Communication



  • Alexander Collin
  • Interactive Art Director
  • Graphic- and UI/UX design
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • 0046 709 52 94 52