I'm an interactive art director and a graphic designer, designing content-driven and user-oriented solutions. I help brands, small, big, local and global, to create a strong voice and relationship with their customers.

I started out dreaming about being an inventor, coming up with ideas and products for others to use. As a kid back in 1997 I started playing around with code and during the same time I grew fascinated by printing and art by the people around me.

2006 I started to study Graphic Design & Communication and I found street art to be my way to express myself. I called myself a street artist until the same day I exhibited my pieces at the MoMA in Stockholm.

I went more digital, which led me to study Interaction Design while I freelanced as a graphic- and ui/ux-designer with strong front-end dev skillsets. After a year, I started Hyper Island and the Digital Media Creative programme in Stockholm.

During Hyper I freelanced a lot as well, amongst others I worked with Soundtrack Your Brand/Spotify Business as the lead designer in their startup phase.

I rediscovered my passion for creating concepts from the very beginning and started to focus and push my conceptual thinking combined with my huge passion for design and interactive, leading me to the role of an Interactive Art Director.

I went to Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam for 6 incredible months where I worked as an Interactive Art Director-intern. I worked on big interactive briefs for clients such as Audi and EA Sports, together with successful pitches for new business.

I initiated the Kids Hack Day Amsterdam - a one day workshop for kids to explore tech and hacking together with some of the leading creative technologists out there.

I founded Studio Collin in 2014. The same year I got together with some of the most talented interactive creatives, makers and people in Sweden to become the collective Assembled In Sweden.





  • Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam
  • Ramp, Stockholm
  • Ummocrono, Hamburg


  • Kids Hack Day


  • Digital Media Creative - Hyper Island
  • Interaction Designer - Nackademin




  • Warner Music
  • Heineken
  • Audi
  • EA Sports
  • Soundtrack Your Brand/Spotify Business
  • Marc LeClef
  • Aftonbladet
  • Lärarförbundet
  • Hyper Island
  • University of Gothenburg
  • Radiotalk
  • Crank It Up Magazine






Alexander Collin